Prepared For Moving Goods In 2024?: Ireland-GB Movements

January 26, 2024
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The new year is always a time of change and fresh starts, not just for you, but also how you move goods. The end of January will signal an evolution in hows goods are moved between Great Britain and the Island of Ireland.

As we approach this change, it's crucial for businesses and traders to be aware of significant changes in the process of moving cargo from the island of Ireland to Great Britain. This guide outlines the essential steps you need to take to ensure a smooth transition under the new regulations.

Key Preparation Steps

Verification of Qualifying Northern Ireland Goods:

It's imperative to confirm if your goods fall under the category of qualifying Northern Ireland goods. For detailed information, refer to the guidelines available on GOV.UK.

GB EORI Registration

Ensure that you possess a valid GB Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number. If not, registration is a necessary step.

Access to CDS

From January 31, import declarations will transition to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS). Whether you’re managing this in-house or through a representative, having access to the CDS is essential.

Authorisation for Simplified Declarations

If you plan to declare imports in your records (Entry In Declarants Records - EIDR), seek authorisation for using simplified declarations, if you haven’t already.

Compliance for Ro-Ro Ports Movements

For goods moving through roll-on roll-off ports in Great Britain, complete your customs declarations before departure from Ireland. Familiarize yourself with Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) processes.

GVMS Registration for Hauliers

Hauliers transporting your goods must register for the GVMS and will require the movement reference number (MRN) from your declarations to generate a goods movement reference (GMR).

Standard Processes at Inventory-Linked Ports

At inventory-linked ports, ensure that your haulier or intermediary adheres to standard customs procedures for the declaration, clearance, and release of goods into free circulation in Great Britain.

Relaxed Declaration 'Arrival' Requirements

For full import declarations or simplified frontier declarations, the requirement to 'arrive' declarations by the next working day after arrival in Great Britain is lifted. For excise duty suspense goods, entry onto the Excise Movement and Control Systems (EMCS) should be completed upon arrival.

Compliance for Goods Moving via Ireland

If transporting goods from Northern Ireland to Great Britain through Ireland, including qualifying Northern Ireland goods, adhere to specific Irish customs requirements for exiting through Irish ports. Consult Irish customs guidance for more details.

Adapting to these new regulations is crucial for uninterrupted trade and transportation between Ireland and Great Britain. Stay informed and prepared to navigate these changes efficiently. For more information and assistance, feel free to reach out to our team at Powercargo.

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